PBBSON Alumni  Association

Complimentary Membership

If you graduated before 1972 then CONGRATULATIONS -- you have reached Complimentary status in the Alumni Association. 

Regular Paid Membership

But if you graduated between 1972 and 1985 then we would love to see you support the PBBSON Alumni Association by joining.

Here are 8 Reasons why you should join...

1.  Staying connected with Classmates and other Alums

2.  Hearing news from The Brigham Community

3.  Alumni Day

4.  Annual Alumni Newsletter

5.  Scholarship Awards

6.  Support the School's Association

7.  Those reaching their 50th reunion receive free membership for life.

8.  Paid and Complimentary members will have additional access to photo albums from Alumni Day and online versions of the Annual Newsletter.

Membership dues are collected in the Spring via a Spring Dues Notice sent out by US snail mail. You may complete the paper form and return it with payment to the address noted on the renewal notice.  Don't forget to include some news for the Newsletter!!  Our complimentary members should simply update your contact info for us and be sure to send us some news, too.

For those with email and comfortable with online payments - you may renew online with a credit card (via a PayPal link) on our new Alumni Management system.  You may also update your information for us, donate on-line, and you will have access to our on-line membership directory (only accessible for paying members who have login privileges).  You can even load a profile photo just like you would on LinkedIn or Facebook.

To Renew your membership online:

If you already have an email in our system you may login via the Member Login box below, update your contact information, and then be taken to an online payment page.

If you do not have an email in our system then please contact us at admin@pbbsonalumni.org and provide us with your email address.  We will set you up with login privileges so that you can return to this screen to pay your dues.

You may also renew by mail and pay with a check.   To do so, click on this link for the  application form, print it and send it in along with a payment.  Dues are due by June 15, however, this year (and most years) you can join at any time.  

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